Exchange of new generation goods and services

Clever blockchain technology system with short deals analysis will easily find the shortest and most profitable deal for you

What is a Parabarter?

How they used to sell

All these people are selling something. And usually they don't interact with each other. The point is that no one asks them what they are willing to exchange their goods for.

It's possible to sell this way at our place as well, but...

With us, too, you can just find the product you want and buy it for the agreed price. But we went further: we gave people the opportunity to say what they wanted.

Find out what you want and what you offer

Our users have 'Want' and 'Offer' cards. They are publicly available, so you can directly offer your goods or vice versa - to buy goods from another user.

A clever algorithm helps

Our system links all possible exchange options in 'Chains'. That is, it compares the wish and offer cards of all users and arranges them so that everyone would get what they want.

'My Exchanges' is filled with options

The 'My Exchanges' section will display all available exchange chains. Explore the options offered. You just need to decide if you're willing to give something from the 'Giving' section and receive something from the 'Receiving' section.

Everyone agrees. Everyone is happy.

If you are interested in the chain, click the confirm button. This does not commit you to anything, it just lets other exchangers know that they are interested in the conditions offered. When everyone agrees, you will go to the exchange chat and discuss the terms of the exchange. From there, it's up to you and the other participants.
Advantages of the Parabarter system
Safe communication
You can communicate in peace. Matrix protocol will take care of your correspondence.
Modern solutions
We are not afraid of words like Blockchain, Gitea, Open source, FaceID. We use them.
Document management
Digital workflow and digital signature will help to get rid of unnecessary waste of time.
Who is it for?
Common man
He will learn about a good coffee shop and find it on the map. And also pay on the bus and in the coffee shop itself.
Director of the coffee shop
Finds a barista, buys the best coffee beans, places ads, and can accept payment for services
Public Servant
Will sign digital contracts with verified contractors. Will obtain an electronic digital signature. Will find out the different ratings of organizations.
Will find a tutor, a part-time barista and housing. And also find like-minded people to play in a rock band.
Will sell the extra crops from the dacha. Finds a doctor with the right focus. Signs a contract to rent an apartment with a tenant and will be able to accept payment.
Will sell old clothes. Will sign a contract to teach a child to dance. Will buy a car for a growing family.
Frequently Asked Questions
How are you better than other marketplaces?
We have many advantages:
  • Algorithm for finding partners through multiple ads.
  • Ability to document the transaction with digital signatures of all parties.
  • Your data belongs to you and we provide an open API to access it.
Is an electronic digital signature used here?
Yes, every registered user gets a personal digital signature, which is created and **stored only in his browser**
Is Parabarter safe?
We are an open-source system. Everyone can see how our code works and make sure everything is fair. And end-to-end encryption in correspondence will ensure secure communication.
Is it possible to pay here?
Yes, in our system you can pay at the coffee shop or accept payment for the refrigerator you are selling.
Is this a social network?
Yes, Parabarter can be used as a social network aimed at business people. Bringing together the right people, without unnecessary meetings.
I am interested and want to try